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Air shower
Air shower Air shower Air shower Air shower
Product name : Air shower
Product No. : 201762172043
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Air showers are specialized enclosed antechambers, which are incorporated as entryways of cleanrooms and other controlled environments to reduce particle contamination. Air showers utilize high-pressure, HEPA or UlPA-filtered air to remove dust, fibrous lint and other contaminants from personnel or object surfaces. The forceful "cleansing" of surfaces prior to entering clean environments reduces the number of airborne particulates introduced.
Controlled automatically, 2 electronic interlocking door, blow and shower automatically
Duration for showering can be adjusted from 0 second to 99 seconds with time display and voice prompt 
Floor and nozzles are made of high quality stainless steel
Cabinet: Paint finished metal sheet, SUS201 or SUS304     
Efficiency can reach 99.99%@0.3μm with pre filter and hepa filter.
Air velocity can be up to 25m/s. professional and fast design, non-standard products.
Optional parts
a. Stainless steel construction
b. Intercom
c. Ultraviolet sterilizing lamp/yellow light
d. Buzzer
e. Non-flooring-plate design (easy for light- weight vehicle in and out)
f. Automatic door
g. Non-standard air shower cleanroom is available 
Air shower is widely used in LCD and Optoelectronic Display, PCB, microelectronics, dust-free enviroment, aseptic packaging, medical care, Pharmacy, auto glass and precision parts.

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