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Disposible filter module
Disposible filter module Disposible filter module Disposible filter module Disposible filter module
Product name : Disposible filter module
Product No. : 2017619162027
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Disposable Filter Module is  used in cleanroom applications and laminar flow equipment requiring high purity air removing submicron particulate. The modules are installed in T-Bar ceiling grid systems with individually ducted air supply. No complicated, high integrity framing systems are required. The units are very light weight and easy to install.  They are equipped with hanger supports on the top of the housing for suspended installations. Knife edge models are available for installation in gel seal grid systems. when the maximum filter resistance is reached , the entire unit is discarderd and replaced.
1.Duted terminal ceiling filter module 
2.Frame: Anodized aluminum casing or galvanized                             
3.Duct collar diameter with 10"  or 12"                                    
4.Hepa Filter: H13 or H14                                   
5.Filter media: Glass Fiber    
6.Four hanging brackets

 As cleanroom ceiling air filter
 As a terminal HEPA filter be installed in the ceiling top, can beused in all kinds of cleanroom with different cleanliness level
 For cleanroom in semi conduct, LED, fine machinery, chemical, hospital, food processing, laboratory, school, painting industries


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