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HEPA filter box
HEPA filter box HEPA filter box HEPA filter box HEPA filter box
Product name : HEPA filter box
Product No. : 2017619202047
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HEPA Filter Box is a terminal purifying device for the clean room of class100-100000. The good air flow structure can make the whole clean area achieved the requested clean class. HEPA filter box adopts the most advanced technology which makes the airflow distribution more reasonable. The cabinet has simple and reliable structure.
Filter Media: H13 or H14 glass fiber         
Cabinet material: Cold plate coating powder RAL9016/SUS304    
Air duct collar: square or round, install at side or on top      
High efficiency, low weight, easy installation and low operation cost    
Air speed: 0.3-0.6m/s
Optional parts: Gel seal HEPA filter, DOP test port

Suitable for electronics, pharmaceutical industry, hospital, clean room construction, HVAC air filter system and the occasions required the high cleanliness terminal filtration.

The drawing of HEPA filter box:


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