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Hand wash dryer
Hand wash dryer Hand wash dryer Hand wash dryer Hand wash dryer
Product name : Hand wash dryer
Product No. : 201762092530
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Hand wash dryer is often used in electronic factory, food process factory, semiconductor factory and so on. It is a type of fast wash hand and dry hand equipment. 

1. Control
A. When hands reach the automatic sensor faucet within 25cm, water is automatically supplied by water filter.
B. When hands reach below the nozzle, hot clean air from the HEPA filter is automatically sprayed, with speed adjustable.
C. Water is still automatically supplied even if the power is off.
2. Material: Made from SUS304 stainless steel; Washbasin panels are welded seamlessly
3. Cosmetic mirror facilitate people dressing.

The drawing of Hand wash dryer:
1. Blowing sensor, square, Omron
2. Heater 1500W
3. HEPA filter, 250×305×69mm, H13 efficiency
4. Single cylinder water purifier with pipeline
5. Fan,220V 50Hz 370W, air volume 2510m3/h
6. Electrical control
7. Blowing vent SUS304
8. Automatic sensor faucet
9. Primary filter
10. Cosmetic mirror
11. Stainless steel cabinet
12. Operating, power indicator and emergency stop switch
13. Stainless steel washbasin
14. Front access door for maintenance
15. Stainless steel footstand with rubber cup

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