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V-Bank HEPA filters
V-Bank HEPA filters V-Bank HEPA filters V-Bank HEPA filters V-Bank HEPA filters
Product name : V-Bank HEPA filters
Product No. : 201773102147
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V-Bank HEPA filters are used for high airflow air-conditioner system. Flat box design makes the filters have more media area than other types. Metal frame makes the filter especially strong and can withstand strong impact .Whole the filter use professional polyurethane adhesive to reinforce frame without rivet, which can protect the filter install into the frame better.

 ※  High efficiency 
 ※  High dust holding capacity.
 ※  Water resistant media
 ※  Extended media area
 ※  Plastic(ABS), Aluminum sheet or Galvanized steel construction
 ※ Electronic industry
 ※ Computer rooms
 ※ Power plants and food plants.
 ※ Laboratories
 ※ Film producers. 
 ※ Automotive manufacturing facilities.
 ※ Hospitals and healthcare institutions
 ※ Commercial building, airports, sports complexes, arenas and shopping complexes. 
 ※ Pharmaceuticals.


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